Essential Roof System Components from GAF Roofing

The right roofing materials near Fort Lauderdale will keep your roof strong for years, which means you get to keep enjoying the protection it offers your home. Your roof is more than just a set of shingles, and quality roof systems will make your home more attractive, safe, and valuable. Watch this video on essential roof system components from GAF roofing.

Your roof system requires a few important components in order to function properly and efficiently, and they all fall under the GAF umbrella. Leak barriers protect some of the more vulnerable areas of your roof from leaks, which can reduce the chances of mold problems. Roof deck protection keeps rain and wind from getting under the shingles, and starter strip shingles keep your shingles attached to your roof through heavy winds. Finally, ridge vents expel heat and moisture from the upper level, and ridge cap shingles further reinforce the roof’s vulnerable areas.