Steps to Take in a Roofing Emergency

Throughout the year, your roof stands up to the elements to protect your family and property. Storm season, however, can be particularly strenuous for roof materials and may leave you with severe damage that can compromise your home. If you suspect you may need emergency roof repair in Fort Lauderdale, then take the following response steps: storm - roof

Look for Warning Signs

The indications of a roofing emergency are not always obvious. If you’re wondering whether your roof suffered damage during a storm, then protect your safety by waiting until the bad weather passes before trying to evaluate the situation. Also, avoid climbing onto your roof unless you have experience in doing so. From outside, you might see missing shingles or ones that are cracked, bent, torn, or buckled if there is damage to your roof. Inside, look for water leaks in your attic or stains on your ceilings. If you suspect that there is a problem, then schedule a roof inspection.

Contact a Professional Roofer

If there is no question that you’re facing a roofing emergency, for example, because there are shingles scattered across your lawn or streams of water coming through the ceiling, then you should get in touch with a roof repair company right away. The sooner you take this step, the more property damage you can help avert. Upon arriving at your home, the contractor will evaluate your roof and go over your options for immediate and long-term solutions.

Make Some Temporary Repairs

As you wait for the roofing contractor to arrive, you can take measures that can help minimize the damage to your property. If there is moisture coming into your home from the roof, then try to sweep away any water that has pooled in damaged areas. Also, if you can identify the location of the leak, then consider using tarps, patches, rubber sheets, or sealants to create a temporary roof repair while you wait for help to arrive.