A Look at GAF Roofing System Components

Some people look at homes from the street and only see asphalt shingles, but there’s much more to roofing materials near Fort Lauderdale than that. Like the enamel on your teeth, the shingles are just the only part you usually see. Watch this video and look at GAF roofing system components.

Shingles are important for your roofing system, but they don’t make up the entire thing. GAF roofing systems are made up of roof decks, leak barriers, a ridge vent, and several different kinds of shingles. Your contractor will first remove old roofing and look at the roof deck to check for damage. Then he or she will make any needed repairs and install a leak barrier. After adding roof deck protection, starter strip shingles are installed at the eaves. You can then take your pick of quality asphalt shingles and have the ridge vent and ridge cap shingles installed.

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