Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repairs

Commercial roofing should be durable and able to withstand vast amounts of wear and tear. If your commercial roofing in Fort Lauderdale is in need of repairs or has undergone heavy damage, then schedule professional roof repairs right away. Signs of potential roof repairs for commercial buildings include clogged downspouts, roof bubbles, and different signs of moisture in the building. Continue reading for more information on these important signs of future roof repairs. roof - repair

Increased Moisture

If your roof is leaky or there are areas of increased moisture damaging your roof, then call your commercial roofing company for an inspection. Moisture problems can come in many forms. The most obvious signs would be leaks or water spots developing in your ceiling and light fixtures. However, you could also have problems with rodents, cockroaches, and other pests. These pests are attracted to increased areas of moisture, and they may gather in your commercial building and create a highly damaging infestation.

Clogged Downspouts

During and after a Florida rain, take a minute to check on your exterior downspouts. These drains should be releasing a fair amount of water, which help reduce moisture buildup on your roof. If the downspouts are not releasing any water or only a small amount, then you may have a clogged downspout or roof problem. It is crucial that a roofing contractor inspect your roof soon. If you have clogged downspouts, then water could begin puddling and ponding on your roof, which could lead to significant roof repairs.

Roof Bubbles

If you end up on the roof, then keep an eye out for roof bubbles. These bubbles occur under the top layer of built-up roofing and single-ply roofing. If you see these bubbles, that means there is moisture collecting under and within your roof system. The more bubbles you see, then the more danger your commercial roof is in. To avoid more bubbling and future roof repairs, schedule a roofing contractor to come out and inspect the damages.