What Is Roof Flashing?

When looking at your roof, have you noticed metal, plastic, or composite materials in some areas? This material is your roof’s flashing, and it is used to seal roof joints, such as those around an attic fan or chimney. Read on to learn more about your roof flashing in Fort Lauderdale.

Keeping your roof flashing in good condition is important for protecting both your roofing and your home’s structure. Because flashing is used to join joints on your roof, damage can occur if this roofing material is missing or damaged. When the flashing is compromised, this can allow water to penetrate down through the crevices. Water that leaks through your roof can lead to rot and mold, as well as attract pests to your home. For these reasons, if you’ve noticed that parts of your roof’s flashing are cracked, deteriorating, missing, or damaged, then you can help protect your property by calling a roofing company about repairs.

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