Taking a Closer Look at Sustainable Roofing

Many builders are choosing to use green materials when they construct new homes. If you are shopping around for new roofing materials near Fort Lauderdale, you may want to ask your roofers about your sustainable roofing options. Roof shingles that are crafted from wood, tile, or other renewable resources will provide your home with eco-friendly coverage. By installing sustainable roofing product, you can preserve the environment, while also crafting a quality roof for your home. Read on for an overview of three sustainable roofing options that you may want to consider for your new roof. wood - shingles

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles have been used for residential roofing for many decades. When you choose to use wood shingles for your new roof design, you can feel great knowing that you are building a roof that is as sustainable as it is attractive. To achieve even better sustainability from your wood shingle installation, you can also talk to your roofers about the possibility of using recycled wood for some or all of your shingles.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are often used to create roofing for Spanish or Southwestern style homes. If you want to provide your home with an authentic, Spanish flair, you will be pleased to know that your selection of clay tile roofing is also friendly to the environment. Clay is sourced directly from the earth, making it an extremely renewable resource. Since clay tiles are also extremely durable, they will last for decades or even up to a full century before they need to be replaced.

Recycled Composite Shingles

Another sustainable option for your roof is a recycled composite shingle installation. While these shingles have the appearance of conventional asphalt, they are actually crafted from a combination of recycled wood, plastic, rubber, and other materials. These recycled shingles allow roofers to repurpose materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. After your recycled composite shingle roof has been installed, you are sure to be thrilled by its durability and pleasing design.