Is Re-Roofing Right for You?

Is Re-Roofing Right for You?
Typically, installing a new roofing system requires the tear-off of the old roofing materials first,
followed by the installation of the new shingles. But in some cases, roofing companies in Fort
Lauderdale recommend that homeowners consider a re-roof. This is also sometimes referred to
as a roof overlay or a roof over. Re-roofing isn’t always preferable to a complete tear-off and
replacement, but for some homeowners, it offers considerable benefits.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Re-Roofing
A tear-off approach to getting a new roof requires more labor hours than a re-roof. Roofers must
use a tear-off tool, which looks similar to a shovel, to manually rip off the old shingles. This is
labor-intensive, especially if the roof is large, and more man hours equal higher costs. Plus, those
old shingles have to go somewhere. Your contractor will need to arrange for the delivery of a
dumpster to clean up the old roofing materials, and this adds another fee to your total price. In
comparison, a roof overlay is installed right over your old shingles—no tear-off or major clean-
up required.

The Risks of Water Infiltration
Some homeowners become concerned about the possibility of water infiltrating the home
between the time an old roof is torn off and a new roof is installed. This is a valid concern,
although reputable roofing companies know how to mitigate the risk. If you’re worrying about
the potential for water damage, then a roof over might be a good option for you.

The Improvement in Curb Appeal
If you’re planning to put your home on the market, you’ll need to schedule a roofing inspection.
If there are no major problems with the roof, then a roof overlay can be a smart choice to
improve your home’s curb appeal while keeping costs down. Plus, a re-roof can be completed in
far less time than a total tear-off and replacement, which means you can get your home on the
market sooner. Just bear in mind that you should disclose the existence of the roof overlay to the
buyer. When the new buyer needs to replace the roof later down the road, both of the layers of
shingles will need to be torn off.