Residential Roofing Service in Ft Lauderdale

The roof is probably the most abused part of any home.It protects us from the rain, and any inclement weather. Because it is on the top of building, it is not readily accessible and is often neglected until something major occurs.

Residential Roofing IN FORT LAUDERDALE

Most people do not realize something is wrong with their roof until water is leaking, shingles are falling, or cracks are forming. It is wise to always have a routine check up on your roof top so preventative measure can be taken before a major problem happens. For your new roof to meet its life expectancy and be leak free, it is vital that a scheduled maintenance program be initiated at the end of a new roof installation. Since different roofs require different maintenance, please call us to inspect your roof and design a maintenance program that fits your needs at no charge.

Roof Repairs:

All American Roofing company can fit your roofing needs; we can offer many Roofing options. We are company specialized in residential, commercial, industrial roofing, as well as expert repair work and roof maintenance programs. We are a certified contractor for the many of the various products used, we also provide quality skylight installations, downspouts, siding repairs, ridge vents, soffit and fascia works etc. Check our gallery to see recent jobs we have completed and evaluate our quality.


All American Roofing installs all kinds of roof systems including the most common residential roofs such; tile roofs, flat roofs modified bitumen roofs, single ply roofs, built up roofs, shingle roofs and metal roofs.

Preventative Roof Maintenance:

All roofs need some degree of preventative maintenance.

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