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How to Use Ygrene Financing to Improve Your Florida Residential Roof


Ygrene Financing is a PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy) funding program that provides 100% financing to commercial and residential property owners for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and hurricane protection improvements. This PACE funding program can offer many benefits compared to traditional credit-based forms of home improvement financing. Before moving forward with a complete roofing system renovation, learn how you can use Ygrene to improve your residential roofing system.


1.     Explore your energy-efficient roofing options.


To qualify for Ygrene Financing, you will need to opt for an energy saving roofing system. Your new residential roof may need to be constructed using some traditional materials; however, a Ygrene-approved roofing system will offer a supreme level of comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Choose from these energy-efficient roofing options:

·      Cool Roof: According to Ygrene, “Roofing with high solar reflectance (SR) and thermal emittance (TE) properties are known as "cool roofs.” A cool roof allows you to protect your Florida residence against storms, hurricanes, and other harsh weather conditions while keeping a comfortable temperature inside the home. Cool roofs are typically constructed using highly reflective paints, tiles, or shingles.

·     Wind-Resistant Roof: If you need to protect your home from strong winds, you may want to choose a wind-resistant roof. This type of roof can withstand storm-like winds and avoid severe interior damage to your residential property.

·      Green Roof: A green roof promotes modern energy efficiency by using the natural benefits of vegetation. It is completely or partially covered by vegetation, providing tangible benefits like reduced runoff, energy efficiency, and reduced noise and air pollution.


2.    Learn how your residential roof will be financed.


Ygrene Financing offers a streamlined way to pay off your energy-efficient roofing system. Once approved, you can begin your journey towards a comfortable, safe, and energy-efficient roof. Checkout Ygrene’s logistical benefits:


·      Ygrene offers 100% financing with no money down.

·      Expect no payments for up to 12+months. The timing of first payment depends on date of funding; interest accrues after funding.

·      The roofing contractor is not paid until your residential roofing system is complete.

·      Ygrene’s financing structure is based on your home’s equity, not your credit score.

·      Get approved in under 30 minutes.


3.     Locate a qualified contractor to complete the project.


When funding an energy-efficient home improvement project,always consider every option available to you. Be sure to work with a professional roofing contractor that uses credible avenues to match your specific home improvement needs. All American Roofing, the local, family-owned roofing company, champions safe and efficient roof construction. The company is part of Ygrene’s network of authorized roofing contractors, meaning they are licensed, insured, and pre-screened. The experienced team can guide you through the Ygrene process to ensure a swift transition to your new residential roof. All American Roofing offers residential and commercial roofing services to Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.


Do not wait to improve your residential roof. Schedule a visit from our team of experts at All American Roofing by visiting our website. We will be happy to evaluate your residential property’s roof or provide more information regarding Ygrene Financing.


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