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inspections & certifications

As a result of environmental exposures and weathering in South Florida, roof surfaces do not wear evenly. In order to protect your property, your roof requires periodic inspections and roofing repairs. At All American Roofing, we may be able to find a potential problem during our regular inspections, allowing us to fix it before further damage occurs or when it becomes an emergency. This can help to reduce the amount of service calls and cost of repairs in the long-run.

There are a number of factors we will inspect for, including:

  • Poor Installation
  • Severe Weathering
  • Poor System Design
  • Foot Traffic or Damage
  • Trapped Moisture
  • Faulty Materials

After we have completed our thorough inspection, we will make recommendations based on the existing conditions. Our analysis may include a variety of factors including the general roof conditions, the terrain, and environmental concerns

A roof inspection serves three main purposes

  • Informing the buyer about the condition of the roof
  • Documenting the roof’s life expectancy
  • Identifying any necessary roof repairs

If you are in the process of buying a new home, selling your existing property, or building a new home, there are many factors which play a part in determining the final sale price. An official certification from a licensed and insured roofer here at All American Roofing can alleviate any questions or concerns. The certification we provide guarantees the roof for one to three years.

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In a recent in-house customer satisfaction survey, 95% of our customers said they would recommend us, while 9 out of 10 reporting that they are extremely satisfied with our performance.


Great customer service, competitive price, very professional office staffs, and project execution on time. I truly recommend !!

- Gilba Pontes


All American roofing have the best service, Joe, Susan, Carlos, Hugo are very professional, patient and explained all the required services during the process.. They were prompt and did more than they promised! Thank you!

- Tom N.


The job AA did for me is first rate. The office staff is very professional as are the roofing technicians.  I recommend AA for anyone's roofing needs.

- Allen Perry


Everyone at All American Roofing are fantastic.  They did a wonderful job and I can recommend them highly.  Eric and Carlos are very professional.  Everything that they said they would do was done in a timely manner.  My roof looks great!!!

- Wendy Kinigsberg


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