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Benefits of Replacing Your Roof


A strong, solid roofing system is a valuable and worthwhile investment for your commercial or residential property. Therefore, it is important to invest in renovations for your roof every so often. A roofing renovation may mean a few surface level repairs or a complete roof replacement. However, in some cases, a simple recovering by a licensed roofing professional may be all you need to bring your roof back to life. Also known as a “lay over,” recovering your roof means a brand-new roofing system will be installed over an existing roofing system. Here are some benefits of recovering your South Florida roof, provided by our team of experts at All American Roofing.


It is a more cost-effective option than a replacement


When you decide to recover your roof, you will be budgeting for much lighter expenses than if you opted for a complete roof replacement. A replacement requires more roofing materials and man power to achieve, so the overall cost will be higher than other standard roofing services. In addition, a roof replacement requires the existing roof be removed from the property, incurring more expenses to the renovation budget. A roof with several more years of sustainable life left may not need to go through the unnecessary expense of a reroof. Depending on the durability and longevity of your current roof, you could benefit from the less expensive approach of a roof recovering.


It is a much quicker process than replacement


If time is of the essence when it comes to your home improvement projects, consider recovering your roof using a professional roofing company. Residential and commercial roofs have varying completion times based on the size and state of the roof. Even though a timeline will not be confirmed until professional roofers evaluate your roof, the complete roof recovering will still be executed rapidly before any reroof project.


It allows for protection against the elements


A roof recovering allows you to extend the existing lifespan of your original roof, while enhancing its structure and protecting it from nature. With a new, reinforcing membrane properly applied to your existing roof, your roof will be able to withstand the inconsistent weather patterns of South Florida.


For more information on whether recovering your roof is right for your property, contact us at (954) 772-7663 to schedule a roof inspection by our team of licensed professionals. The sooner All American Roofing can evaluate your roof, the sooner your property will be on its way to its best condition yet.


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