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Faulty Roofs 101: Which Warning Signs Should You Lookout For?


A healthy roofing system is one of the most important aspects of a complete real estate property. Whether it’s a residential or commercial roof, that system should be clear of any dangerous flaws that could compromise the safety of your property. As a South Florida property owner, there are warning signs you can lookout for that would signal a faulty roofing system.

Here are a few key warning signs presented by All American Roofing:

Loose shingles or tiles – South Florida’s natural elements, like rain and sunlight, can bring about wear and tear to a roofing system. If a roof shingle or tile is loose, it usually means it has reached the end of its useful life.Shingles or tiles that are blistered, cracked, curled, or damaged in any noticeable way can threaten the health of your roofing system. In fact, multiple missing shingles or tiles can be even more concerning. Compromised roofing materials often provoke roof decay, making your roof vulnerable to serious internal damage.


Damaged flashing – Flashing is used as a barrier to direct rainwater away from the critical areas of a roofing system. It is typically installed where another element of your building joins its roof, such as vent pipes or walls. Water can easily make its way through these areas if the flashing is severely damaged or completely removed.


Visible water damage – Water damage can take many forms when it has affected your roofing system. Water or mold stains are signs of an unhealthy combination of issues. Interior water stains may indicate insufficient ventilation. If mold is clearly visible, South Florida property owners can assume mold exists throughout areas that are not familiar to an untrained eye. If individuals are exposed to mold, they may experience respiratory issues like troubled breathing, wheezing, or coughing.


Sagging roof - A decaying roof may sag. This typically occurs because the roofing system cannot continue to support heavy materials or because the entire roof was not installed correctly. A sagging roofing system will show a significant dip in the roof’s main plane. If a roofing professional walks on a residential roof and feels a soft base, the roof may already be compromised.


Faulty roofs should not be taken lightly. An experienced roofing company, like All American Roofing, can restore your residential or commercial roof to ensure years of healthy use. All American Roofing has served residents throughout Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County for over 31 years. The family-owned company’s expert team can repair, replace, or enhance all types of residential roofing systems. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Contact All American Roofing at 954-772-ROOF(7663) to request a FREE estimate today.


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