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How All American Roofing Safely Repairs or Replaces a Commercial Roof


Now more than ever, health and safety are at the forefront of property owners’ minds. Thankfully, All American Roofing is taking action to continue the safest roofing practices. We want to make sure our team members are protected during commercial roofing projects and our clients are guaranteed a secure roof for many years to come. This form of quality roofing stems from safe, responsible practices to repair or replace a commercial roof. Although we have maintained proper safety processes over the years, we want our clients to know how important these values truly are to us.


First and foremost, All American Roofing operates in compliance with the standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. Its respective Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 was created “to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women; by authorizing enforcement of the standards developed under the Act; by assisting and encouraging the States in their efforts to assure safe and healthful working conditions; by providing for research, information, education, and training in the field of occupational safety and health…”

That being said, all team members are trained in a variety of roofing standards, including ladder safety, fall protection requirements, eye and face protection, scaffold requirements, head protection, and hazard communication. Proper roofing training is completed before any All American Roofing member is assigned to a commercial roofing project.

Legal Safety

We value the integrity of our local roofing industry, which is why we continue to carry proper occupational licensing and insurance coverage. If a roofing company is not licensed by the State of Florida or does not carry liability and compensation insurance, clients are not protected from poor workmanship, damage, or accidents that occur on a commercial property.

Physical Safety

Using the standardized precautions championed by the OSHA and All American Roofing, each of our experts employs all physical safety measures from a project’s start to finish. Before a roofer begins work on a commercial roof repair or replacement, he or she will evaluate the surroundings. For example, a roofer may ask: How much weight can this commercial roof support? Are there any interfering properties, trees, or shrubbery that could affect the safety of the roofers or the property itself? What will the weather be like while workers plan to be on site and will it affect the team’s safety?

Additionally, our South Florida roofers are prepared to handle all construction tools and corresponding electrical equipment that apply to a commercial roofing project. Improper use of power tools can cause fatal damage to those involved; therefore, we champion correct roofing equipment practices at all times. Workers will bear protective equipment, like non-slip footwear, hard hats, gloves, protective eyewear, respiratory protection, etc. Safety signage will be used on a case-by-case basis.

Historically, some roofers around the world have come into contact with hazardous chemicals like asbestos, lead, and silica while on the job. All American Roofing continues to protect workers who may encounter hazardous substances by instilling hazard communication, a program that “trains workers on how to read and understand safety data sheets, container labeling, and other forms of warning.” The program allows for full transparency between all team members, providing the tools they need to carry out hygienic and health-focused practices while on the job.

Safety is our first priority. All American Roofing can guarantee established protective practices will remain in place as we continue to serve our community. We want to make sure your South Florida commercial roof is cared for by a team that is prepared and equipped to handle any safety scenarios. To schedule a visit from All American Roofing, please call 954-772-ROOF(7663).


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