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Key Questions to Ask Your Florida Roofer


Finding the right roofer to work on your Florida residential or commercial property can require a lot of work. Roof improvement projects can be a significant investment, so you must be confident your roofer will execute a roof that is meant to last. After a long initial search, you will be left with a handful of solid roofing companies to continue exploring. You will want to ask each individual company a few questions before making your final decision. That way, you can be sure the roofer you choose will be well suited to repair or rebuild your Florida roofing system.

“Are you licensed and insured?” First and foremost, your roof should only be touched by licensed and insured roofers. A roofing company must carry proper occupational licensing and insurance coverage. If a roofer is not licensed by the State of Florida or does not carry liability and compensation insurance, clients are not protected from poor workmanship, damage, or accidents that occur on a residential or commercial property. 

“Are you a local roofing company?” In order to properly care for aFlorida roofing system, the roofing company should be based locally and have experience working with properties situated in Florida-like climates. SouthFlorida sees specific weather patterns year-round, like warm temperatures, high sun exposure, high humidity, and heavy rain. The roofer can use local climate knowledge to suggest viable and effective roofing solutions.

“Can you share your references?” Positive recommendations from past customer scan build an extremely strong case for any service-based company, especially aFlorida roofer. Ask for written reviews, video testimonials, or the direct contact information of past clients to paint a better picture of the roofer’s work. A long-lasting professional roofing company will typically be able to share years of reviews that contribute to its credibility.

“How long will it take to complete this roofing project?” Every roofing project requires a unique timeline. In other words, no two projects are the same. Request an estimated timeline from your prospective roofer. Also, be sure to discuss are adjustment plan or budget modifications if the estimated timeline changes.Emergencies may occur, so preparing a contingency plan with your Florida roofer can avoid many headaches down the line.

“What kind of financing options are available to me?” If you need assistance financing your residential or commercial roofing project, ask your prospective roofer what financing options they can offer. Many roofing companies work with creditors or financing programs to help facilitate streamlined payment. 

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