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My Florida Roof Is Discolored. Should I Be Concerned?


After many years of sun, rain, and wind damage, you may notice your South Florida roof showing signs of discoloration. Discoloration appears as dark spots, large black streaks, or concentrated areas of brown stains. Those discolored spots are not dirt staining your shingles or tiles; they are signs of algae growth on your roofing system.


What are roof algae?


Roof algae begin to form in small areas throughout the system’s exterior. They are created by airborne algae spores that thrive in Florida’s warm and humid climate. Years of heavy wear and tear due to Florida’s extreme temperatures can accelerate algae growth. Typically, the algae will shield itself from severe UV rays by creating a pigmented covering that comes across as discoloration. Over time, the dark discolored spots will spread and become intense black streaks. A Florida homeowner will start to notice discoloration about one to two months after initial algae development.


Is roof algae growth dangerous?


If you have spotted algae on your Florida roof, do not be alarmed. Yes, the streaks or dark spots might be frightening if your first thought is mold growth; however, algae growth can be stopped and remedied if caught early on. Algae can be removed from a roof without compromising the integrity of the roofing system. That being said, if algae have existed on your roof for a long period of time, the stains may have affected the reflective granules on your roofing materials, like shingles or tiles. Long-term algae damage can impact your roofing system’s ability to resist further heat damage and keep the home’s interior cool.


How can algae be removed?


Pressure cleaning will not be enough to eradicate roof algae growth. The best way to eliminate algae from a residential roofing system is to schedule a professional roof cleaning. Professional roofers will be able to inspect the roof and evaluate the extent of damage. A roof-safe cleaning solution will be applied to the system, and algae will be carefully removed from the roof. In some cases, a thorough roof cleaning may not be enough to completely rid a Florida roof of severe stains. Consider replacing certain tiles or shingles, applying a streamlined roof drainage system, or completely replacing the roof to bring the entire system back to life.


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