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Protecting Your Roof from Wind



Hurricane season is upon us. Homeowners in the state of Florida must protect their properties from the damaging effects of hurricanes and windstorms, which in the month of August, become much more frequent. Our team at All American Roofing has a few tricks up our sleeve to keep in mind in order to protect your roof from strong forces of wind.


When you’re planning a new roofing installation, you may want to ask your roofers about the possibility of including wind mitigation services in your design. With a wind mitigating roof design, your roofers will install special features that’ll make your roof stronger when it’s exposed to high winds. In the event that your area is hit by a major storm, your roof will be less likely to experience damage.


Along with protecting your roof from wind, roofing companies can also work with insurance companies to help homeowners lower their wind insurance premiums. By updating your roofing materials with wind-resistant products, you may be eligible for an insurance discount from your provider.


Overall, taking the actions needed to protect your roof from wind is a fantastic investment for your home. Before hurricane season is in full swing, contact All American Roofing at 954-772-7663 for a proper roof inspection to make sure your home is secure during a windstorm.



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