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Roof Maintenance 101


It is almost the end of the year, and it is clear your roof has been through a tough time. Between unpredictable South Florida weather patterns and years of neglect, it may be time to examine options available to keep your roof as healthy as possible. One way to ensure your roof is maturing properly is to schedule professional roof maintenance. At All American Roofing, we recommend routine maintenance once a year for a standard roof, offering a proactive approach to finding key issues before they cause further damage. Annual roof maintenance can help your roof outlast its warranty and suggested lifespan.


With professional roof maintenance, you can expect:


Complete roof and adjacent surface inspection


Inherently, a roof maintenance service means your entire roof will be inspected for leaks, structural inconsistencies, or early onset damage. This initial inspection should be conducted by a licensed roofing professional to make sure all the proper elements of a safe roof have been evaluated. In addition to inspecting the roof edges, roof walls, penetration flashings, roof membrane seams, and roof drainage points, the professional roofer will also investigate any adjacent surfaces.


Leaf and debris removal


During the gutters, drains, and surface inspection, excess leaves or debris will be noted and removed from your roof. This unnecessary rubbish tends to clog gutters and other important components that allow your roof to function properly.


Minor roofing repairs


Finally, your scheduled roof maintenance service will include any minor roofing repairs that become apparent during the inspection. The professional roofing team will be equipped with the proper tools to fix any visible weak points. The roofer will be able to confirm whether or not the repairs needed will need stronger reinforcement.


If you are interested in preventing major roof repairs in the future, consider investing in regular roof maintenance. To schedule a visit from our team of experts at All American Roofing, please call (954) 772-7663 or visit our website.


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