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Roofing Brand Spotlight: Tropical Roofing Products


As a professional roofing company in South Florida, All American Roofing seeks out the best of the best in roofing supplies, construction tools, and technology. Our team on-site boasts over 30 years of roofing experience. Each member is skilled in selecting the most effective and efficient supplies to complete local roofing projects. Today, we are highlighting Tropical Roofing Products, the premier manufacturer of fluid applied roofing solutions.

For over 60 years, Tropical Roofing Products has provided roofing professionals with top-of-the-line materials manufactured in the USA. The company’s mission is similar to that of All American Roofing, making for a solid partnership. The Tropical Roofing Products team vows to serve its customers through excellence in products, solutions, and services while maintaining a “truly positive” culture that helps employees grow professionally and personally. The company strives to be the industry’s top choice in fluid applied roofing and champions core values like credibility, humility, openness, integrity, candor, and excellence.

The company’s extensive line of products includes a variety of commercial-grade and residential-grade solutions. Some of these products include reflective roofing products, asphalt roofing products, primers, adhesives, mastics, cements, spray polyurethane foam, and miscellaneous accessories. Tropical Roofing Products also caters to roofing professionals seeking roof restoration systems, like a fluid applied restoration system. These include complete acrylic emulsion restoration systems, fabric reinforced acrylic elastomeric restoration systems, acrylic elastomeric coating systems, or high solids silicone restoration systems. Roofing companies and other commercial professionals can purchase the products exclusively through a reliable network of wholesale distribution partnerships nationally.

All American Roofing uses the 701 All Weather Flashing Cement for TPO fully adhered reroof projects. According to Tropical Roofing Products, this product is “a professional grade asphaltic base flashing cement that adheres to all surfaces wet or dry.” The 701 All Weather Flashing Cement is made to avoid sagging, slipping, or cracking after application. The All American Roofing team uses cement to “repair leaks, cracked spots, holes in shingles, or concrete.”

For more information on the collection of roofing materials we use on-site, contact All American Roofing at 954-772-ROOF(7663). In addition to TPO fully adhered reroofs, we have completed countless other projects, including SBS reroofs, commercial silicone coatings, modified bitumen applications, and tapered insulation reroofs. We want to make sure your residential or commercial roof is properly restored using premium products. Request a FREE roofing estimate today.


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