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Should You Choose a Flat Roof?


There’s a variety of roofing materials and roof systems to choose from when constructing your roof. Pitched roofs, flat roofs, shingles and single-ply roll are just a few of the many terms you come across during your roofing journey. More specifically, a flat roof is one roofing choice that you can save on installation costs for quality results. Check out these expert pointers from All American Roofing to figure out if you are a property owner ready for a flat roof:


You’re looking for an inexpensive roof

Though flat roofs tend to be inexpensive compared to other roofing materials, they are still exceptional roofs. Whether your roof is abuilt-up roof or a single-ply roll of modified bitumen, flat roofs are easier to install and use inexpensive materials. If maintained regularly, flat roof scan last up to 50 years depending on the type of material that your contractors choose. This extended roof lifespan can result in a better value payoff and more roof longevity for your money.


You’re okay with increased maintenance

Flat roofs do require regular inspections and maintenance. They are likelier to become flooded and clog roof drains, especially following heavy rainfall. To prevent roof leaks, standing water and mold growth, it is essential to schedule regular roof inspections and maintenance. With regular inspections, your roofing contractor can detect potential problem areas and correct them before they become a costly repair.


You have a quality roofing contractor

The key to successfully choosing a flat roof construction is to have a quality roofing contractor. With an experienced and licensed contractor whois knowledgeable in flat roof construction and maintenance, your flat roof installation will be much more successful and less problematic. If you’re unsure about a flat roof or you need professional maintenance for your current flat roof, then look for a qualified roofing contractor with vast experience in flatroofs and installing them.

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