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The Innovative Technology Behind Retractable Shade Structures


There is no denying that the entire window treatment market has seen incredible innovation over the last several years. As the idea of smart homes continues to evolve, many companies who make window shades are keeping pace. One of our most popular products these days is our retractable pergola. It’s the perfect marriage of form and function with a dose of technology that kicks things up a notch.


With the ability to withstand high winds (Hello hurricane season) and heavy snow (if you’re in colder climates), our retractable pergolas offer a versatile solution for your outdoors. Allowing you to enjoy it year-round. They are also completely customizable from frames, lights, and all the add-ons we offer. All of this while being easily managed through the use of remote control. To top it off our pergolas are perfect to attach to existing structures as well as standing on their own.


Advanced technology enables us to deliver personalized luxury with a state-of-the-art aluminum system. Unlike others, our design comes with the added bonuses of a built-in gutter system, an unmatched linear drive system, and the ability to adapt to any architecture with complete customization.


We offer what we like to call, “shade on demand”. You can’t control the weather, but you can control your new retractable pergola-covered space. Shade when you want it. A reprieve from the rain. Whatever is going on outside doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your time in your beautiful shady haven. All of our designs are perfect for both residential and commercial properties, offering year-round protection from the sun, wind, and rain.


Behind the scenes, we have a highly skilled team of experts who will walk you through your customization options. This is to ensure your Smart Shade structure is exactly what you envisioned. From there, our team uses the latest technology to fabricate your vision and provide a trusted and secure installation. All you’ll have left to do is to pull up a chaise lounge, kick off your shoes, and relax in your new favorite Smart Shade spot!


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