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The Value of Commercial Roof Inspections


Commercial roofs experience plenty of wear and tear over several years. South Florida’s moist, warm climate can be unpredictable at times, meaning the roof’s surface may not wear out evenly. These conditions can affect a commercial roofing system’s overall stability and appearance. To ensure a commercial roof is in pristine shape for years to come, property owners should schedule a professional roof inspection

Why do commercial roofs need to be inspected?

In order to protect a commercial property, its roof requires periodic inspections, maintenance, and repairs if necessary. The Florida Building Code requires commercial buildings to uphold certain safety and structural standards to ensure inhabitants can remain safe at all times. More specifically its goal is, “to carry forward previous Commission approved code language, standards and tables, providing continuity for the proper installation of roofing systems and components from one code edition to the next connected to Florida’s unique environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, enduring tropical rain events and life/property threatening high wind events.” More so, commercial buildings may be held liable if an accident occurs on the property due to a faulty roofing system. A commercial roof inspection can save an establishment millions of dollars in legal fees lost to a premises liability case.

What happens during a commercial roof inspection?

When a professional roofer visits a commercial property to conduct a standard roof inspection, he or she will be focused on informing the property owner of the commercial roof’s current condition, documenting the roof’s life expectancy, and identifying any key roof repairs that need to take place. A certified roofing contractor will utilize a diagnostic checklist to perform his or her inspection thoroughly. During the inspection, the roofing professional will keep an eye out for poor roof installation, severe weathering, poor roofing system design, damage from foot traffic, trapped moisture, or faulty roofing materials.

After the professional roofer has completed the commercial roof inspection, he or she will make recommendations based on the existing conditions. These suggestions may range from a minor roof repair to a full roof replacement. The analysis will evaluate a variety of factors that play a role, including the commercial roof’s general conditions, its terrain, and environmental concerns moving forward. From that point, the property owner can conduct the research necessary to find the right company, like All American Roofing, to restore the roof back to full health.

Completing a roof inspection on your South Florida commercial property can give you piece of mind and a clear course of action. Contact All American Roofing at 954-772-ROOF(7663) to schedule a thorough inspection with our team of roofing experts. At All American Roofing, we have got you covered.


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