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The Vulnerable Areas of Your Florida Roofing System


Florida roofing systems endure unpredictable weather patterns and a humid, tropical climate. These conditions can take a toll on any roof’s framework and the vulnerable areas that may exist throughout a roofing system. If you area Florida property owner, take note of your roof’s weakest areas so you can address systemic issues before it’s too late.


Flashing - Flashing is designed to keep water and natural moisture out of your Florida home. Flashing can be found near a roof’s hips and valleys. It redirects water and pads the inside of a building to prevent leaks. The installation can be made from various types of thin, yet sturdy, material like cement, tar, metal, or galvanized steel. Florida’s humid, hot climate coupled with seasonal storms can weaken the overall installation. That being said, flashing can deteriorate, loosen, or crack over time. It can also weaken quickly if it was poorly installed. If flashing is damaged, water can penetrate through a vulnerable roofing system and enter a home.


Gutters - Roof debris is common in South Florida, especially during the rainy spring months. More specifically, that debris can collect in your roofing system’s gutters. Swirling twigs, branches, and moist leaves can clog a perfectly functioning gutter installation. This unnecessary rubbish will hinder proper water redirection, making your roof vulnerable to excess moisture. That water overflow will spread to other areas of the roofing system if gutters are clogged with natural materials. Be sure to routinely unclog gutters so long-term damage does not occur.


Tiles - Tiles that are blistered, cracked, or run-down in any noticeable way can be a threat to your Florida roofing system, especially if your roof is aged 20 years or more. Each day, your roof is exposed to natural elements, such as rain and sunlight, causing your roof’s components to wear down over time.Rainwater and the sun’s rays can decrease the lifespan of your roof’s tiles significantly. If a roof tile is loose or damaged, it usually means the tile has reached the end of its useful life. Broken or missing tiles can provoke roof decay, making your roof vulnerable to serious internal damage.


Florida property owners can look locally for a residential or commercial roofing expert. All American Roofing has been serving residents throughout Miami-Dade County, Broward County, andPalm Beach County for over 32 years. All American Roofing operates with one goal in mind: to provide our customers with top-quality work and exquisite service, fostering a long-term partnership with each client. We are a family-owned company that takes personal pride in all of the roofing projects we plan and execute. Contact All American Roofing at 954-772-ROOF(7663) for more information on how we can help restore or protect your Florida roofing system.


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