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Understanding Florida TPO Roofing Systems


South Florida properties need roofing systems that are dynamic. This means they must withstand Florida’s heavy rain, wind, and sunlight all year long, they must be cost-effective, and they must be able to last their full lifespan. Thankfully, there are select roofing alternatives that can appease all of these requirements. A specific option recommended by local roofing company All American Roofing would be a TPO roofing system.


What is a TPO roofing system?


A TPO, or Thermoplastic Polyolefin, roofing system is a technique that can be applied to a flat commercial or residential roof. This light, single-ply roofing system reflects Florida heat, keeping interiors cool and energy levels low. The membranes applied are produced by calendaring with lamination, extrusion with lamination, or extrusion-coating techniques. TPO sheets are a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene polymers that are usually reinforced with polyester. TPO sheets contain colorant, flame retardants, ultraviolet (UV) absorbers, and other proprietary substances to achieve desired performance results.


Why do TPO roofing systems perform well on Florida properties?


TPO roofing systems are designed to last. The TPO sheets applied to this roofing system are coated with substances that can protect from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Without this protection, roofing systems are less likely to survive their estimated lifespan in the South Florida climate. This system resists chemical exposure and ozone degradation. Thanks to its light reflective coloring, chemical foundation, and secure application, your residential property will benefit from this durable TPO roofing system for years to come.


Throughout its useful years, a TPO roofing system will be able to adapt to changing temperatures and weather patterns. This quality is useful to withstand Florida’s unpredictable climate. Additionally, TPO systems can be applied using a few different techniques like a TPO fully adhered application or a TPO mechanically fasted application. Roofers have great flexibility with this roofing system due to its resilience.


TPO roofing systems typically boast low installation costs, and the application is one of the most cost-effective roofing options available to commercial property owners. The materials and labor costs are relatively affordable. Property owners will also save on maintenance costs over time. Due to the TPO roofing system’s durable nature, the roof will not need excess repairs to overcompensate for weak materials or poor application.


Who can install a TPO roofing system?


All American Roofing provides commercial clients with the best selection of roofing systems, including TPO roofing systems, and materials constructed by the brightest commercial roofing manufacturers of North America. As a preferred installer for many of the leading roof makers, we can assure top-of-the-line products and installation services. Request your FREE commercial roofing estimate in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, or Palm Beach County by contacting All American Roofing at 954-772-ROOF(7663).


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