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Warning Signs That Show Your Florida Roof Is Failing


Most residential property owners need obvious warning signs to let them know they should replace a unique roofing system. Life can get busy, and it can be easy to let inevitable wear and tear on a roofing system slide. Key influences, like the age of the roof, the materials used to build the roof, and the way in which the roof was constructed, can have a major impact on the roofing system’s overall health.


If you are a Florida residential property owner, look out forthe following warnings that can signal a failing roof. The sooner you catch any issue, the better off your property will be.


Missing tiles


Each day, your roof is exposed to natural elements, like rain and sunlight, that cause your roof’s components to wear down over time. Rainwater and the sun’s rays can significantly decrease the lifespan of your roofing system. If a roof tile is loose or missing, it usually means the tile has reached the end of its useful life. Multiple missing tiles can pose a larger problem. Additionally, missing or broken tiles often provoke roof decay, making your roof vulnerable to serious internal damage. This can lead to roof leaks, mold, and a sagging ceiling.




Visible mold throughout your home is never a positive sign.If mold is clearly visible, Florida property owners can only imagine the mold that exists within areas and crevices that are not apparent to the human eye. If sensitive individuals are exposed to mold, they may experience respiratory issues like troubled breathing, wheezing, or coughing.


How can mold exist within your roofing system? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold will “grow in places with a lot of moisture,” particularly where roof leaks exist. Small pools of water can collect in a Florida attic if a leak source is present. Due to poorly executed tile underlayment, missing tiles, or broken tiles, moisture can enter your roof,and mold will build up. If mold remains unattended over time, your roofing system will suffer.




A deteriorating roof may sag. This typically occurs because the roofing system cannot continue to support a heavy load or the entire roof was not installed correctly. A sagging roofing system will show a significant dip in the roof’s main plane. If a roofing professional walks on a residential roof and feels a soft base, the roof may already be compromised.


When it comes to your Florida residential roofing system, you will want it to be in great shape for years to come. Warning signs that show your roof is failing should be addressed by a local roofing professional immediately. To determine if a roof repair or a total roof replacement is required to rejuvenate your residential property, trust All American Roofing. For over 31 years, All American Roofing has served residents and business owners throughout Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. Call us at 954-772-ROOF(7663) for a FREE roofing estimate today.


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