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What Are 3 Common Roofing Problems in South Florida?


As a property owner, you know most structural systems throughout your property will need maintenance and special attention. One of these systems includes your roof, as time and South Florida weather conditions can take a toll on its framework. Our local All American Roofing team of professionals has seen many roofing problems. If you are a South Florida property owner, keep a lookout for these common roofing issues.

Leaky roof

Surprisingly enough, leaky roofs are commonly reported by South Florida property owners. Unexpected weather conditions, like hot temperatures and tropical storms, can increase the likelihood of a roof leak. A roof leak can lead to severe water damage and unsanitary mold growth. Once an active roof leak has been spotted, it may be difficult to ignore the symptoms. Naturally, any homeowner would want to contact a professional roofer to help solve the problem.

Faulty flashing

Flashing keeps water from pooling up on top of your roof. This metal can be found near hips and valleys, redirecting water and bolstering the inside of your building against leaks. Flashing can be made from all different types of material, but it is always crafted from metal of some kind. Over time, flashing can deteriorate, loosen or crack. A roof’s flashing can also be affected by temperature changes.

Failed repairs

Cheap, low quality labor or materials may turn out to be quite expensive after all is said and done. An incorrectly handled roof repair can provoke further damage, increase costs and create unnecessary frustration for property owners. Further roofing damage can include rusting, leaking or molding. In addition, costs will increase because of the repeated paid labor and materials. Ultimately, failed repairs will need to be addressed by a licensed, professional roofer.

Ensure your roof’s issues are repaired correctly with our team of experts from All American Roofing. For more information on our residential and commercial roofing repair services, contact All American Roofing at (954) 772-7663. Our goal is to repair your South Florida roof as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to prevent further damage.


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