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What You Need to Know About Painting Your Roof


If you have driven around your neighborhood and have spotted someone painting a roof, you may have thought to yourself, “Huh… I didn’t even know painting my roof was an option.” Yes, some Florida homeowners choose to have their residential roof painted by a professional as a way to refresh the entire roofing system. It is a cosmetic approach to improving an existing roof.Before scheduling someone to come over and paint your roof, you need to understand roof painting basics and the options available to you.

Why do Florida property owners opt to paint their roofs?

A fresh coat of paint on a residential roof can elevate the entire system’s look and feel, restore it to its former glory, or extend its useful life by a few years. Often, a property owner may choose to a paint roof instead of completely replacing it because painting is more cost-efficient.

The right paint application can provide specific benefits to a Florida home. For example, highly reflective roof coatings can decrease heat absorption and minimize energy consumption throughout the property.Additionally, specialty roof coatings can offer moisture-resistant properties to help combat Florida’s wet and tropical weather.

How does it work?

Painting a Florida roof is not a complicated process; although, it does require careful attention to detail. The most basic roof painting projects consist of an inspection, cleaning, priming, and painting.

Inspection – Painters cannot start the project without inspecting the entire roofing system. Any damaged tiles should be replaced by a professional roofer. This will ensure the roofing system is in a stable condition to move forward.

Cleaning – Workers will remove algae, mold, or weathering residue throughout the roof’s visible area. A chemical cleaning solution is applied to the entire roof. Typically, the area will be left to dry for about 36 hours.

Priming – An acrylic primer sealer is then applied to the entire roof. This allows for tile permeation and creates a strong foundation for paint application. The area will be left to solidify for about 24 hours.

Painting – A finishing roof paint is applied to the entire roof.

Sometimes, painting is not enough.

In order for a roof painting project to actually perform and last as long as possible, you need to work with a painter that is licensed, experienced, and skilled. An obscure handyman or unlisted painting company may cause more damage to your roof. That being said, if a sub-par painter skips the initial inspection, he or she may overlook serious issues that may plague your roofing system. Sometimes, a quick paint job is not enough to restore yourFlorida roof. Appropriate repairs or a complete replacement may need to take place.

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