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What You Need to Know About Purchasing a Home With an Old Roof


Potential home buyers are always on the lookout for the perfect house. The perfect house, no matter how large or small, is protected by a solid roofing system; however, not all residential real estate comes with roofing systems buyers can trust. If you have found the home of your dreams but it has an older roof, do not fret. Simply consider these points when purchasing a Florida home with an old roof:

Understand what you are signing up for.

Every home’s roofing system will experience wear and tear over the course of its useful life. That being said, an older home will typically have an older roof that may have a few patched-up repairs holding it together. Ask the owner of the home or the home’s official realtor to clarify when the roofing system was built, which materials were used to construct the roofing system, and if the roofing system has experienced any major damage throughout the years. A professional roof inspection should be conducted for final condition confirmation. Request a licensed roofer examine the roof; if the current property owner pushes back on having the roof inspected, the roof’s status may be critical.

Focus on increasing the value of the property.

A residential real estate purchase is a hefty investment. A stable, reliable roof will maximize a home’s property value potential. When a roofing system is solid, appraisers can assume other systems within the home are also functioning properly. That being said, purchasing a home with old roof may be worthwhile if you are willing to commit to residential roof renovations. A new, healthy roof will likely add value to your latest real estate purchase.

Consider viable options to move forward.

Now that you have done your research, decide whether repairs or a complete roof replacement would be a realistic investment in this property. Aside from the roofing system, does the house still have a solid foundation and structure? What kind of repairs or improvements does this roofing system realistically need? Can the overall listing price of the property be negotiated to accommodate roof reconstruction? Explore viable options available to you and speak with involved realtors to address next steps.

Get the roofing help you need.

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