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Why Is My Residential Roof Leaking?


When your South Florida roof shows sign of leakage, it may seem like the problem will never subside. Residential roof leaks can create mold, reduce your property’s energy efficiency, and even contribute to structural damage throughout your property. The sooner you can locate the source of the leak, the sooner the issue can be resolved. As a homeowner, how can you figure out where exactly the roof leak is stemming from?

Start with a thorough evaluation of your property’s ceiling. Search for any and all visible stains or streaks along main ceiling slabs or wall intersections. These ceiling stains can lead you to a general area as to where the leak could have originated from. Some roof leaks can be a bit more complex than just a simple structural opening. To ensure your roofing system will be safe from another leak, consider repairing these potential sources:

Flashing can deteriorate, loosen, or crack over a certain period of time. When flashing is damaged, your roof can be even more vulnerable to weather conditions natural to South Florida’s climate, like storm debris and rainwater. Proper flashing keeps rainwater from pooling up on top of your roof. It is made of metal and can be found near the hips and valleys of your roof, redirecting water and protecting your property’s interior from major leaks.

Roof vents can enable ventilation and drive out excess moisture from inside the property. Vents are sealed by sturdy flashing and a rubber boot. If the flashing or the rubber boot is cracked, moisture can accumulate and become a problem.

Shingles that are damaged typically signal they have reached the end of their useful lives. If they are blistered, cracked, curled, or run-down in any way, they can be a threat to your roofing system. Consistent exposure to weather conditions can aggravate weakened shingles on your roof, allowing rainwater to enter and leaks to occur.

Do not let a leaky roof tear down your residential property’s entire system. A professional, licensed roofing company can provide the services you need to restore your South Florida roof back to its full health. For more information about what roofing services we can offer your property, contact our All American Roofing experts at 954-772-ROOF(7663).


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